The Polka Dots Ceilidh Band, Leeds, Harrogate and Yorkshire

THE POLKA DOTS BAND – Jan Porter, Roy Hardacre and Nigel Swan, have been playing for /running dances for many years. A professional trio they take a pride in providing good quality entertainment at weddings and party dances for all ages.

Roy specialises in melodeon and has some lively Irish and English tunes and songs in his repertoire. Nigel provides strong rhythm on keyboard and guitar together with classic folk songs. Jan adds recorder, clarinet and occasional bass guitar to the mix.

Jan is the dance caller with traditional classics such as Virginia Reel, and Strip the Willow. She also calls American contras and sung square dances, and includes in her repertoire novelties such as the Lambeth Walk and Rock Barn Dance. The type of dance will depend on the type of event and experience/age of the dancers.

Nigel is second caller with such dances as Bridge of Athlone and includes dances with songs including Copycats, created by the band which is popular with children.

The Polka Dots Band music originates from England, Scotland, Ireland and America with lively traditional polkas, jigs, reels, hornpipes and gentle waltzes – ideal for dancing.

The trio also perform songs and include in their repertoire Irish songs for St Patricks Nights, Scottish for Burns nights , American for a hoe down, and a variety of lively songs from the Music Hall era and 30s and 40s – even some Rock and Roll.

Because of their flexibility the Polka Dots Band play for country dance nights such as Heatherdene Dance Cub in Harrogate, Highside Folk Dance Club in Galphay near Ripon and the Knaresborough Folk Dance Club which attract experienced dancers. They also play for public events such as the Evening Ceilidh at the Day of Dance, Saltaire, where there is a mix of dancers and have run the Day of Dance Family Ceilidhs for many years.

photo by Ian Stalker
Roy Hardacre plays melodeon, specialising in English country dance tunes with a smattering of Irish, Scottish, American and European tunes. He is a regular at the Harrogate Tap & Spile musicians session on Tuesday nights. Roy is also band leader with the Knaresborough based Hornbeam Molly dancers who he founded in 2009.

SWAN AND PORTER - also perform as a duo with a mix of songs ranging from 1920s to 1960s together with comedy verse and Music Hall.  Their CD “Oh Mrs Porter” features music hall delights made famous by such artists as Gus Elen and Marie Lloyd.

Nigel Swan and Jan Porter are experienced in running song and dance events for older people and adults with learning disabilities either with live or recorded music and song. They regularly perform for YAMSEN, a Yorkshire charity which promotes music for people with special needs.

THE POLKA DOTS BAND regularly perform for themed events such as Irish Nights, American-style Hoedowns, Scottish Flavour Ceilidhs , or fancy dress events.

Mrs Porter

Mrs Porter's Ensemble: Ceilidhs
and Music Hall

The Polka Dots band photos
by Leanne Hardacre